Cascadia has a core skillset in operations, economic, and financial analysis that lends itself to a variety of government and industry needs.

Our Services

Cascadia helps clients advance major projects. We work with clients upfront to confirm objectives and develop a strategy to achieve their needs. We then apply our analytical horsepower to review and evaluate potential options and recommend action. Once the preferred option is selected, we help the client plan for investment and implementation.

We help clients in the following areas:



The first steps in any project are the most important. Before serious investment is committed, Cascadia help clients to define their end objectives and develop a strategy to achieve their needs.

Our team has experience with several tested strategic frameworks to help clients with problem framing, scenario planning, and investment prioritization.



Our team has a proven track record analyzing and solving operational challenges in highly complex industries. We work with clients to understand the root causes of inefficiency and develop creative solutions.

Example operations projects include scorecard development, performance management, and supply chain optimization.



Advancing major projects requires a clear understanding of economic impact. To support clients, our team has experience analyzing economic factors for several of British Columbia's most important projects.

Cascadia provides leading expertise in economic impact assessment, revenue/cost forecasting, and sensitivity analysis.



Analysis itself is not sufficient. Once strategic options have been analyzed using leading operations and financial frameworks, our team helps clients translate findings into an actionable plan.

For major projects, this typically includes developing a business plan and/or investment plan to build multi-stakeholder support and guide implementation.


Cascadia Partners combine our understanding of operations with world-class financial analysis. We help clients understand the financial impact of available strategic options by identifying opportunities, sensitivities, and risks.

Cascadia offers capital finance planning, financial modelling, and strategic financial planning services.



Our team has extensive experience supporting internal and external client communication, often on highly publically sensitive issues.

Cascadia has provided communication support for large-scale public investments, labour action, and significant changes to government policy.